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Repairs Replacements and Turn-arounds

Our appliances are made to last

 Appliances made at Crawford Lab should hold up under day to day use and last a long time. In the event that the appliance should fail, we stand by our quality and back it up with a free replacement or repair should it fail under normal circumstances.

In the case the appliance doesn’t fit the patient but fits the model a new impression must be taken before being made again at 50% discount.

Cracks, chips, broken wires and bands fall under everyday wear and will be repaired free of charge. Free replacement or 50% discount will be given under unusual circumstances that fall out of the original guarantee.

 To ensure proper fit and design, the prescription slip must be filled out in full with all pertinent information included. Also a quality alginate or poly-vinyl impression is recommended for proper fit and fabrication. Be sure all teeth and tissue is clearly impressed and all trays are rinsed of blood and saliva.

Same day Turn-arounds are offered at a fee.

A qualifying Turn around is a case or multiple cases that have a due date the same day as pick-up. A fee will be added to the invoice as our work load is pre-scheduled for the corresponding day. While we maintain our speed of completion we appreciate advance arrangement of any turn around, baring emergencies or the like.

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