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Thermo Formed Appliances

With state of the art technology we are able to create clear aligners, mouth guards and other appliances to to protect, align and help our clients.

Clear Aligners, EMAs, Sports Guards & NTIs

Thanks to the advanced Drufomat machine, the thermo-forming process has become a breeze.

Using downward forced high pressure air it forms the material precisely to the model. No more partially formed suck downs. The old vacuum formed appliances are a thing of the past. Completion times are drastically reduced due to not having to redo  fabrication failures, thus saving time and money.

Combined with the multi Tool kit we can fabricate custom soft mouth guards both for bruxism and sports. With the Multiple layer technique we can add any logo or design and our wide range of colors makes for a truly unique appliance that the patient will love.

Our Essix Ace brand material is unmatched in durability and clarity. We can also add a pontic tooth or teeth to the trays for an interim invisible partial.

Don’t forget to recommend to your sleepless patients our,   EMA (Elastic-Mandibular-Advancement) sleep apnea appliance. We have been certified in the proper fabrication technique of this exceptional appliance that helps the patient with his/her sleep apnea without restricting air ways through the mouth. With various lengths and tensions of rubber bands it can be the right solution to varied degrees of Sleep apnea. 

All of our Thermo-formed appliances should hold up under day to day use and last a long time. In the event that the appliance should fail, we stand by our quality and back it up with a free replacement or repair should it fail under normal circumstances.

With our years of experience combined with  modern technology our thermo-formed appliances are unrivaled.

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